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Expert Systems for Industrial Automation, Control Systems, Power Transmission and Distribution 

Automation Simplified. And Delivered

Zerotech is a worldwide consulting and engineering group specializing in Industrial Automation and Control Systems, and Power Transmission and Distribution. 

The company is especially skilled at applying the concepts of expert systems concepts in designing automation and control systems in industrial applications and power transmission and distribution.


More cost-effective

With ZeroTech's unique approach and viewpoint, we typically create control and automation solutions that perform as well (or better) than more costly designs. Often, it's a matter of striving for an elegant simplicity in design, devising the most efficient way to achieve the levels of control and automation needed. Our core engineering philosophy: No unnecessary elements, no needless complexity, the optimum technologies, and tightly-planned implementation.   

Versatile, open solutions

While we always engineer precisely to requirements, we prefer to deliver flexible, open systems that can be easily modified or expanded at any time. 

Lean, agile, responsive

As a mid-sized firm ZeroTech is exceptionally flexible and nimble and able to react quickly to your requirements.  We are not hindered by bureaucracy. ZeroTech's international engineers represent some of the best talent in the field, who come to the firm from the world's top technology companies, such as Siemens and Honeywell.  We recruit only professionals who are energized by difficult engineering challenges.

Persian Gulf expertise

ZeroTech is based in Germany, where we perform most of our engineering and R&D, and manage our projects worldwide. 

We are also deeply involved in projects throughout the Persian Gulf, for both local entities and international companies building in the area.  With ZeroTech you will be working with teams who are thoroughly knowledgeable about the specialized requirements and practices throughout the region. Our Gulf projects are managed from our offices in Manama, Bahrain.

Multi-vendor solutions

As system integrators, we routinely work with equipment and technologies from all manufacturers in the field, from Honeywell and Siemens, to Rockwell, Microsoft, TI, GE Fanuc and many others.  We are also experienced with the issues involved in weaving together disparate technologies and systems. 

It means your solution will incorporate the systems best suited to your tasks -- or ideally matched to your existing equipment or IT environment.  ZeroTech is not tied to any particular hardware or software. 

From Design to Commissioning

Companies throughout Europe and the Persian Gulf  rely on ZeroTech for design and development work, as well as implementation and commissioning, as well as ongoing support and maintenance.

"In our view, automation should

be accessible and affordable for

almost any operation.

"And it should easy to use."

Waqar Khan

ZeroTech CEO

Creating automation solutions for applications in:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Steel
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Cement
  • Power and Desalination Plants
  • Water Pipelines
  • Sub Stations, Grid Stations and Power Plants
  • Energy and Infrastructure


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