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Smoother Automation. Applied Expert Systems. Custom Applications. 

Are you facing a difficult problem? A technical roadblock?  Do you envision a powerful solution, but aren't sure how to implement it?  ZeroTech can help. Challenge us with your problem, your need. Our innovative engineers and specialists will provide an answer. 

Automation: How and where?

What is the best way to automate your processes? What functions are best automated?  Which technologies should you adopt? Where should we not look to automation as an answer.  What benefits in productivity, in quality, in performance can we expect?  Have ZeroTech study the situation for you and recommend a solution, a technical strategy.

Applying Expert Systems

Can expert systems technologies streamline or simplify your business processes?  Can your knowledge base be used to power an expert system?  Do you have experts and specialists whose techniques you would like to duplicate and automate? 

ZeroTech's targeted applications and expertise can help in:

Diagnosing and Troubleshooting Devices and Systems

Monitoring Processes and Controlling Operations 

Managing Alarms 

Managing Industrial Energy Consumption 

Design and Manufacturing 

Planning and Scheduling 

Financial Decision Making 

Knowledge Publishing 

Development of Specialized Applications

We develop cross-industry and industry specific specialized applications and libraries with a wide range of easy to configure templates for diverse implementations.


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