9 Ideas of Gadget Gifts for Girls

Gadgets have firmly come into our lives, just like a bebemur site into a single man's life. Smart devices can be a great valuable gift for a girl. After all, each of them has a couple of tasks that need to be solved quickly. How many gadgets does a modern girl need to be happy? More than you thought!

Technology Trends Essential for Business in 2020-2021

Surely, the main trend is online dating. If you still don't know how it works, try annadating.com and dive into a fascinating world of meetings.

Perhaps AI and blockchain will be able to change our lives more in the next decade. But according to the results of the first twenty years of the 21st century, it is precisely uberization that is number one among the transformational techno-business trends, which affect the socio-cultural aspects of life to a large […]

Technology breaks down barriers for travelers

1. Language – The formerly science fiction concept of a “translator robot” (such as C-3PO in Star Wars) that could allow communication between anyone is now close to reality using various mobile apps such as , or the “conversation” function on Google translate for Android. As one Matador editor recently found, this technology is making new […]

Helping Teachers Overcome Technology Barriers in Early Childhood Education

When it comes to helping young children appreciate the benefits of using technology in a classroom setting, early childhood education providers play a critical role integrating that technology appropriately, intentionally, and productively. But these educators face myriad barriers to fulfilling these roles. In a new policy paper, “Getting Early Childhood Educators Up and Running: Creating Strong […]

How to Overcome Technology Integration Barriers

Why the Need to Integrate Technology Future implications for students: Post -high school institutions will expect students to use technology for research, communication, and presentations. Those students that are technologically illiterate will be forced to take remedial class – as a result they will have increases in educational expenses and graduate later than their peers, […]

Five key CRM Trends for 2018

1.The end of “Bloatware” is upon us Agile has long been viewed as the utopia of business development and 2018 will see the desire for fast, agile CRM deployments result in many CRM buyers rejecting age old systems as over-featured, expensive offerings. Instead, they will focus on systems providing strong core CRM functionality, which enable […]

The economy added 200,000 jobs in January

The U.S. economy in January continued the slow but steady improvements that have characterized the post-recession period, as federal economists Friday reported that employers added 200,000 jobs last month while unemployment held steady at 4.1 percent. Worker pay jumped in January, with average hourly wages up 2.9 percent from a year ago. The bump suggests […]