Technology Trends Essential for Business in 2020-2021

Perhaps AI and blockchain will be able to change our lives more in the next decade. But according to the results of the first twenty years of the 21st century, it is precisely uberization that is number one among the transformational techno-business trends, which affect the socio-cultural aspects of life to a large extent.

What is uberization?

Not even the ever-expanding sectoral expansion (uberization of the economy, logistics, cargo transportation, legal services, and education) will be the primary trend of the next years. A whole new business class based on an ideal bilateral market, with its laws, mechanisms, and processes, will arise. It is ubarket ("Uber" plus "market") that will become the basis of business in the digital economy and an ecosystem of social platforms for collective social interaction in a digital society.

Where will it lead us?

The ubarket seems to be not at all difficult to understand. But this is deceiving simplicity. No one still fully understands how it works and where uberization will lead, even in the seemingly understandable transport industry.

For example, there is an opinion that the ubarket will kill not only the taxi and car rental industries but the entire multi-trillion-dollar personal transport market. Moreover, the existing car market will also influence the emerging market for personal unmanned vehicles and even the market for private air transport.

Another example is Peter Thiel's dream of flying cars, which, in his opinion, should have long been turned into the central transport of humankind, while people, instead, are investing in the development of all sorts of little useful undertakings such as social networks.

It's no secret that Uber now receives the main profit from food delivery and not at all from a taxi service). The company plans to radically change its business strategies and invest billions of dollars in flying cars. Today, Uber is the leader in this direction.

What is so special about the ubarket?

The specifics and critical differences of the uber business:

- its models (there are already quite a few of them, and even more are yet to come);

- process organization (unique operational schemes created from scratch);

- features of competition (approaches of Russia and China are completely different from those of the USA).

Popular tech trends on the example of the restaurant business

After expert analysis of the American market, they managed to conclude the changes that already happen in the food industry:

- More than 70 percent of visitors to cafes and restaurants wish to order takeaway food.

- Fifty percent of guests expect free Wi-Fi at the establishment.

- Forty-seven percent rely on phone pre-ordering.

- Seventy-eight percent already use Apple Pay and Google Pay to pay for orders.

Such results indicate that in modern reality, it is not so easy to meet the restaurant criteria: they are no longer about pure cleanliness, quality products, and a high level of service. People want to find high-tech establishments that guarantee to satisfy their needs. Similar trends can be traced in all spheres of the global market.

What are the tech trends used in restaurants?

The trend associated with storing the data of an establishment not on a specific service, but in the cloud, is becoming more and more in demand. It is much more convenient for restaurateurs to gain operational and analytical data from different parts of the world, rather than being dependent on a specific workplace.

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